Why You Should Rent a Car When on Vacation (13 Reasons)

If you are busy planning your next vacation getaway, one of the first things that you need to consider is the travel arrangement.

Will you be taking your own car? Will you just hop on a taxi, bus, or ferry?

While all of these options are viable, there might be more considerations that you need to think through.

Now more than ever, booking a car rental in the country where you choose to have your much-needed vacation is the best way for you to explore and discover your destination at your own time and pace.

When you are on a vacation, it is only natural that you would want to see more places and experience more activities. Unfortunately, there are times when these trips are too short that you cannot squeeze in everything you want to do and try.

Renting a car in your destination country is probably your best option. You might think that it will be a bit difficult, especially if you are not familiar with the country.

After all, you have to be very careful as you drive along unknown roads.

The good news is that with the help of GPS and modern navigation technologies, you can now go from point A to point B with no worries of getting lost or wandering into the middle of nowhere.

When the weather becomes more favorable, most people go on vacation to relax and unwind and enjoy a quick escape from their hectic schedules.

To make the most out of your much anticipated holiday, here are the top reasons why you should rent a car when on vacation and why this is the perfect go-to option for most trips:

1. It’s Downright Convenient

Nothing is as convenient as booking a car rental when you are on a vacation. For one, there is no need for you to worry or have second thoughts because of insurance concerns since you don’t own the vehicle.

Second, most of the cars today already have updated maps for easy navigation.

This way, you don’t have to think of Sat-Nav roaming. Third, renting a car lets you travel like the locals since there is a smaller chance that people will know that you are a tourist if you not riding a tourist bus.

If you are driving a rental car, you could just pick up and go every time you feel like it. You don’t need to count on pesky and at times unpredictable and crowded coaches or trains just so you can get to where you want and need to be.

Except if you have chosen the express option, trains and buses stop several times to pick up and drop off passengers and all of these can make your already long journey much longer.

When you have your own vehicle, you can be sure that you will reach your destination faster so you can have more time to enjoy and explore the pace. This is especially true if you want to cover more ground within a short span of time.

This will also give you better flexibility to alter your itinerary even at a moment’s notice to let you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

2. Your Safety is Guaranteed

You probably think that you will be safer if you just take a cab or bus but there are many cases that have proven it otherwise. Why is that, you ask?

Well, as you know the drivers of these buses and taxis are usually tired since they need to drive all the time and this can sometimes last several hours a day.

Just imagine yourself riding a bus or a car with a driver who has been driving for 8 hours or more with no rest and only small breaks in between to grab something to eat. Now, that can be very tiring, right?

Everyone knows that this is often the case in busy places with large traffic. On the other hand, if you drive your own car during your vacation, you can always look for some shortcuts so you don’t waste your time stuck in traffic.

When you are confident with your driving, you can also guarantee your safety as you will be relying on your own abilities that are within your control, unlike public transports whose drivers and their abilities are impossible to determine.

3. Enjoy Privacy at Its Finest

You can enjoy the highest level of privacy if you will be exploring your destination while driving a rental car.

Weekend getaways and holidays are special times for you and your family and the last thing you want is to have someone who is always near you and can listen to every conversation you engage in. Whether you like it or not, cab drivers, in particular, can overhear pretty much anything you talk about.

Also, the problem can get worse if you are traveling with your partner. It will be impossible to be all lovey-dovey and romantic as you enjoy the sights and views of the place you are visiting when there is always another pair of eyes watching you.

This is probably one of the best reasons to rent a car when on vacation since you will be able to do things in complete privacy.

4. It’s Perfect for Every Budget

Many people assume that they can save more money if they just take their own car instead of renting a vehicle once they arrive at their destination. What they fail to realize is that the costs of doing so could quickly add up, making it way more expensive than what you initially thought. I

f you consider the added fuel costs to drive to your destination and back home combined with the expensive insurance excess on your existing policy that will cover you as you drive on foreign roads, you will know that this is not the kind of bargain you expected at all.

There are various forms of low cost and budget friendly transports if you will travel abroad on a very tight transportation budget.

However, there are times when you will end up spending more on your accommodation as well as other minor expenses because the drop-off areas are sometimes a bit remote.

Renting a car is a much better and wiser option since the drop-off spots are more flexible. It also means that you will spend lesser costs on having to commute from the drop-off area to the place you want to visit during your vacation.

Even if there are a lot of choices available when it comes to car rental, if you are concerned about your budget, you might want to compare prices from different companies to find the most reasonable one that you can book.

If you think that you could just take your own vehicle to the place where you will have your vacation, you have be aware that the additional costs you will end up making is going to cost you more compared to renting a car.

The expensive costs of having to bring the car to your destination, the insurance for your car, and the fuel costs will end up emptying your wallet even before your trip comes to an end.

And if you feel like it will be cheaper for you to take a taxi or a bus to get from one destination to another, just think of all the additional costs you will be making if you wish to visit an area out of the town or city center.

Also, you surely know that taxis charge a lot so it will be simpler for you to rent a car so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

5. Go Off the Beaten Path

While not everyone like hearing the term “off the beaten track,” often because of travel snobbery associated with it, booking a car rental will let you get off the most commonly trodden and explored tourist trails so you can discover places that are unknown to the general public. 

Renting a car that you will drive on your own will allow you to go on side trips to those small towns that are not often included in tours.

Even if you might not find anything noteworthy in these off the beaten places, the chance to easily explore and discover them can give you a different perspective of the day to day lives of the people living outside the major tourist attractions and cities.

Since you will not just be limited to witnessing the big stuff, you can get a bigger picture of what a place and its people are all about.

6. Discover and Explore New Destinations

There is sometimes more to popular destinations than what you can see in the city limits. No matter where you might be in the world, you will surely find that you are within easy driving distance from numerous incredible areas you might not even know exist.

Driving a rental car lets you broaden the scope of places that you can see. For example, if you will travel to Los Angeles, renting a car means you will be able to include a road trip to some other iconic cities such as San Diego and if you like, you can even visit Yosemite National Park.

This means that you will not just be stuck in the limits of one particular region or area and you also don’t have need your itinerary to be limited to those attractions located along the routes of public transport.

You can discover authentic parts of a location other travelers never have the chance to visit and see.

7. Utmost Comfort and Relaxation

Driving your own car provides a unique level of comfort that you can never expect from most public transportation options.

You can just stretch out your body as much as you like, access your stuff easily and control and monitor who you will sure your personal space with.

These might seem like small considerations yet the fact that you control things such as the entertainment system and air conditioner could make a big difference to the overall level of comfort during your vacation.

You will surely understand this trouble and hassle if you have ever experienced riding a train with broken windows or a bus without an air conditioning system.

Comfort also means the chance for you to keep the space clean and organized and those simple pleasures such as being able to stop and pull over when you want to grab something to eat or take a quick trip to the bathroom.

Driving a rental car easily wins in all these scenarios as far as the comfort levels are concerned.

Aside from physical comfort, mental comfort is also equally important so you might want to ensure that you will be confident enough to drive in another country before making the decision to rent a car.

You also have to consider if you feel tense or unsettled when you are behind the wheel or if you are suffering from anxiety while driving.

8. No More Restrictions

Car rental can make your vacation more flexible no matter where your destination might be. You don’t have to worry about taxi stands, train timetables, or bus stops. You just book a car for rent and travel in complete freedom to as many places as you want.

Aside from the easy access to more different locations, renting a car is also more beneficial if there are different events that are held when there might be no public transports available.

You could attend all of these events as much as you like in spite of their different schedules because you will be driving a rental car.

9.  It Lets You Save Time

If you are planning to go on a holiday on a distant destination, like somewhere near the coast, it might take you a long time to get there if you will ride public transport or drive your own car.

Most of the time, it will be simpler and quicker to just ride a plane to your destination then collect your rented car once you arrive there. It means that your travel time will be greatly reduced so you can get more time to do the things you planned out for your vacation.

10. Travel in Style

Renting a car gives you the chance to choose a car that will give you more luxury and comfort for you to fully enjoy your holiday.

Grab this opportunity to opt for a stylish but reasonably priced vehicle that features some luxuries on board that can make your driving more of a pleasure instead of a tedious chore?

11. Novelty Makes Your Holiday More Enjoyable

Some studies have also shown that driving a car that you don’t own can have several positive psychological effects. That is all the more reason for you to just rent a car the next time you will go somewhere.

These studies suggest that you can enjoy your vacation more if you drive a different car. it is all because that sense of novelty during your drive also supports the novelty of your vacation itself as experience different from your usual everyday life.

12.  Experience Better Peace of Mind

If you are on a holiday, you would never want to worry about your car being damaged or stolen during the trip. By hiring a car, you will also get the ultimate peace of mind since you will be covered for all misfortunes that could happen during your trip.

The rental company can also give you a replacement car if the need arises.

13. Have the Freedom You Need and Deserve

The last but not the least, renting a car when on vacation will give you all the freedom there is in the world. You will be able to go anywhere you want and anytime you want.

Also, you will be the only person to decide when you will go instead of having to wait for hours just for the taxi or bus to arrive.

Important Tip: Know Your Restrictions

As you try to decide whether you should book a rented car or not, it is important that you also understand and know if there would be restrictions involved. Such restrictions may differ from one company to another so it will always be a wise idea for you to go through and read the fine print before making a booking.

The most common restrictions in most car rental companies include who will be able to drive the car as well as the mileage or distance that you can cover. Even when your chosen company doesn’t have mileage limitations, you might be restricted to drive outside the country or state.

Now, you know the 13 reasons why you should rent a car when on vacation. Since not all people have their own car nor can they bring their car with them anywhere they go, renting one is the next best choice for commuting for your next getaway.

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