Why Maldives is Famous for Honeymoon (21 Reasons)?

why maldives is famous for honeymoon 21 reasons

Most of you will surely agree that your wedding day is the most special day of your life. While this might be true, there is no denying that the honeymoon that follows your wedding is even more magical.

The honeymoon gives you your much-needed break after all those months of wedding planning and organizing. This is also that most romantic time that you and your spouse will share together to mark the beginning of your life as a married couple.

This is why it is not a big surprise that they sometimes say that honeymoon is that special trip that could make your marriage or break it.

Considering the important role it plays in the health of a new relationship, it is a given that you plan your honeymoon trip with extra care and even more attention in choosing your destination.  

It is not a surprise that Maldives is constantly voted as one of the world’s favorite honeymoon hotspots.

But, what’s the reason behind this immense popularity of Maldives among honeymooners? Is it because of its pristine beauty? Is it because of the absolute seclusion of the place? Or is it because of its utter luxuriousness? 

If you are still undecided whether or not you should pick Maldives for your honeymoon getaway, read on to know the top 21 reasons that make the place your best choice:

1. It Got the Perfect Location for Honeymoon

Maldives continues to be the top destination for honeymoons because of its one of a kind setting as a piece of heaven on earth right at the center of warm Indian Ocean.

Many people appreciate that it is far enough away from the noisy crowd. Couples consider it as the best chance for them to forget about the wedding rush and just take their time to de-stress, rest, and enjoy each other’s company.

With all the different islands to choose from in the Maldives, honeymooners won’t be hard-pressed to find one that will suit their specific desires, personalities, and budget.

If you are looking for tranquility and peace, the private island resorts can give you exactly just that. You can travel much further and go somewhere more remote to enjoy that sense of being lost on a desert island.

No stress can touch you here.

2. Choose from a Plethora of Luxury Private Villas

Maldives boasts of hundreds of luxurious private villas you can choose from depending on your taste.

From overwater villas with an ocean view or a romantic bungalow by the beach that has its personal pool or a room with the waters of the ocean right at your doorstep, you’ll surely find a private accommodation bespoke to your needs with no need to blow up your budget.

3. Get the Chance to Stay in an Underwater Bungalow

The underwater bungalows of Maldives offer a magical experience that no couple can resist.

From the month of December to mid-April, honeymoon couples deck out these underwater bungalows for all the best reasons.

This isn’t something you can find anywhere, which makes the Maldives just the perfect destination not only for honeymooners but even for a long time married couples and families.

4. An Eco-Friendly Destination Perfect for Honeymoon

It’s one thing to enjoy the Maldives but it is important to preserve these stunning islands if people want to continue enjoying its natural beauty in the future.

Also, wouldn’t it be great to come back to the place to celebrate the golden anniversary of your wedding? This is why most resorts in the area started eco-friendly initiatives to help preserve paradise.

For a unique souvenir idea, you could even adopt a reef section and receive email updates as it grows and develops through the years.

5. Lots of Opportunities to Go on a Dreamy Cruise

While you might be tempted to just stay inside your luxurious bungalow, another hard to resist idea is to sail the ocean on a cruise as you watch the magical sunset like no other.

The ship whisks away its passengers to the abandoned seashores, far flung islands and also sails right in the middle of Kuda Huraa’s enticing garden island and Landaa Giraavaru’s pristine hideaway in the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

You won’t ask for anything else during the cruise because all amenities and facilities you can ever ask for are already onboard so all there is left for you to do is enjoy the views of the ocean to the fullest.

6. Romantic Environment for Lovely Dates

Deserted pearl strung islands, world renowned powdery white sands, and great diving destinations are the most irresistible charms of Maldives that catapult it to the top of the list of honeymoon destinations.

From its balmy temperatures all year round, to the sands as soft as powder, and the sparkling blue waters fringed with palm trees dancing in the wind, you will never regret having your honeymoon here.

The place also inspires romance. With its star-filled skies, secluded resort villas, and private dinners, this makes it the hottest spot for lovey-dovey newlyweds.

7. Stunning Beaches That’ll Make You Fall in Love

There are lots of beaches for you to choose from in the Maldives that finding some peace and quiet wouldn’t be an issue. The Maldives is known far and wide for having some of the most dazzling beaches you will ever see in your lifetime.

You might want to do some research first about the different beaches so you can find the right one that suits your fancy, whether it is busy, quiet, white sand, sandbank or sand spit, then plan how you will spend your days frolicking in the ocean or soaking up the warm sun with your loved one.

8. Witness the Spectacular Glowing Beach

You might have seen many beaches throughout your life but one beach in Maldives’ Vaadhoo Island will make you experience having stars right at your feet.

This glowing beach on the island is such a rare sight to behold together with your other half. If you really want to get the best out of your honeymoon trip in the Maldives, make sure you book a tour to the island.

This beach experiences the magical phenomenon that glows blue at night that will be a perfect complement to that magical feeling of being with the person special to your heart.

9. Go on Epic Adventures Under the Waters of Maldives

Snorkeling is probably one of the best ways to see with your own eyes the underwater wonders of Maldives. Many of the snorkeling spots here are easy to access. Just bring your snorkel, fins and mask and you are ready to explore the house reef.

Scuba diving is also a must-try while you are at Maldives thanks to its coral reefs, white sand beaches and clear warm waters combined with the vibrant and thriving marine life.

You can easily explore the amazing dive sites and discover the collection of beautiful underwater gardens. There is also a magnificent fish life here that brings you to the next reason why the Maldives is a favorite honeymoon spot.

10. Have the Experience of a Lifetime Swimming with the Sharks

The gigantic and majestic whale sharks together with other smaller sized reef sharks that lurk in peace in the coral atolls and the resorts’ surrounding lagoons are also among the best reasons to book your honeymoon in Maldives.

Even thought the sharks are present everywhere in the place, the Maaya Thila and Ari and Baa atolls are the best spots for an up close and personal encounter. You can even watch them as they come early in the day to feed near some of the resorts.

11. Indulge in Gourmet Dining

Going on underwater activities during the day will surely make your tummy growl.

There is no denying that world-class surroundings and fine dining always go hand in hand.

There is no other place where you can enjoy such a luxurious combination than in the plethora of luxury resorts in the Maldives.

Aside from the excellent standard of the ingredients used, the exceptional talents of chefs with Michelin stars with cutting edge culinary skills combined with the stunning views of the ocean, fantastic settings and high quality facilities, what is even more exciting here is that you only need to walk a short distance from your room to experience all of these luxuries of the world.

12. Unique Cuisine to Satisfy Your Palate

If you are still unsure about booking your honeymoon in Maldives, this one is guaranteed to convince you.

Your trip won’t be complete if you don’t get to taste their delicious local food such as the Maldivian Curry with Tuna as you watch the placid blue waters and bask in the intoxicating sea breeze.

Enjoy seafood caught and prepared fresh such as Garudhiya, a type of fish soup that comes with chili, lime, onions, a coconut, curry leaves, and rice.

The Chapati and Mashumi Roshi Tuna and the Hedhika Tuna, coconut, egg, and potato are also worth the try together with Mas Kashi, street food of dried fish with coconut and mango.

13. Romantic Candlelit Dinner Under the Stars

Cliché as it may sound, a candlelit dinner under the starry skies of Maldives is probably one of the nicest and most romantic things that any honeymooner shouldn’t miss doing here.

What is even better is that you can enjoy your dinner with candlelight at a white sandy beach while you watch the sun set on the horizon.

The sky is pretty much your limit when it comes to date ideas in Maldives and you will be able to spend the best of the best out of all romantic dates you can ever have with your spouse.

Ladies, make sure you pack your warm cocktail dress perfect for this occasion.

14. Engage in Water Sports Activities

The calm blue waters and sparkling sandy beaches of Maldives have so much to offer as far as water sports are concerned.

If you and your spouse are the adventurous types and you want some heart-pumping action either underwater or on the surface, be ready to be surprised and delighted with everything that the Maldives has to offer in this area.

So, make sure you gear up and choose the most thrilling of all water sports that you can only experience in the Maldives.

15. Pamper Yourself with a Luxury Spa Experience

If, on the rare chance, you still find it hard to relax, their unforgettable and indulgent luxury spa experience will surely make the stress leave your body in no time.

The comfortable climate, natural beauty, and warmth of Maldives create just the perfect surroundings to rejuvenate your body and mind as you enjoy the deluxe spa treatments.

Luxury spa is the latest trend for luxury spa resorts in the area with exclusive services and various amenities where nature in itself serves as the inspirational source when developing these paradises right here in the Indian Ocean.

16. Lots of Opportunities for Great Photo-Ops

Maldives is also the best spot for that lovely post-wedding photoshoot. With its lush tropical surroundings, perfect beaches, luxurious villas, and mouthwatering food, the Maldives is a spectacular location for taking the most fantastic photos you will ever get.

Part of your romantic honeymoon is the chance to capture the most special moments with your camera that can be little keepsakes of the getaway.

These vacation photos can be used to share the stories of your epic trip from the moment you arrive to the day of your departure.

17. Best Destination for Your Multi-stop Vacation

With its 1,200 islands, all the resorts in Maldives have one to themselves so you can be sure that you will have the ultimate retreat that adds that finishing touch to your Asian holiday.

You could combine your different destinations with a blissful moment at the tropics.

There are also honeymooners who spend several days in India, Dubai, Thailand, Singapore, and even Bali as all of these can be accessed with ease from the Maldives.

The Maldives and Sri are a favorite classic combination.

Through a short connecting flight from Colombo, you will be able to move from enjoying Sri Lanka’s history, culture, and wildlife to laying back with a cocktail in hand on the perfect beaches of Maldives in just a matter of hours.

18. Appreciate the Exemplary Maldivian Culture

If your goal is to learn some interesting bits and pieces about Maldives, see to it that you watch Bodu Beru, the famous Maldivian folk dance usually held on the beach at night. You can take photos of this or even try the dance yourself.

Riding Dhoni, the Maldivian boat, is an equally charming experience to be better acquainted with the culture of the place and know more about the locals.

19. Drop By at the Architectural Heritages

The Islamic Centre’s Grand Friday Mosque dominates the skyline of Male with its shimmering golden dome, wood carvings on walls, Arabic calligraphy and Maldives’ largest library.

Seeing for yourself the carved side panels and wooden door, intricate wooden carpet, and the ornate chandeliers are yet another great reason why honeymooners can’t help but book their flight to the Maldives. It is best to visit in the afternoon to avoid the crowd in the area.

Other exceptional examples of the coral stonework include the Fenfushi Friday Mosque, Isdhoo Old Mosque, Male Eid Mosque, Meedhoo Friday Mosque, and Ihavandoo Friday Mosque.

There is also the Hukuru Miskily popular for the lacquer work, wood carvings, and carved coral stone work.

20. Meet and Interact with Malé Island’s Locals

Immersing yourself in local Maldivian culture is one more thing you need to do during your honeymoon visit. All you need to do is take a trip to the capital city Male where you could buy special gifts for your family and friends at home.

The fish market is an amazing experience because you will be surprised with the different colors in the catch for the day, some of which might not even be familiar to you.

The spices you can get here are also not like anything in this world.

Don’t forget to grab some of your favorite flavors to remember and recreate them once you get back home. And when you buy something, you are also doing a great deed for the economy of the place as a whole.

21. Explore Male and Its Suburbs

Although most couples will love the thought of indulging in the laidback charm of the island, many people actually go to the Maldives because they want to visit Male and explore its suburbs that carry the purest essence of the lifestyle of Maldivians.

You can visit the royal bath and prison at Villingili or check out Hulhumale where you can swim through coral atolls side by side with the fishes.

You can even rent a scooter so you can ride through Male’s less explored and crowded nooks and corners. Indeed, Maldives deserves to be the number one choice of honeymooners across the world for all the good reasons.