Why Jamaica Is A Good Place To Visit

Planning a Caribbean vacation can be overwhelming because there are just so many islands and countries to choose from.

Also, if your criterion is just looking for a nice island with a beautiful beach, then you have to be more specific than that because most of the countries in the Caribbean are blessed to have magnificent waters.

So why not try Jamaica?

This magnificent island has become one of the most popular vacation spots in the Caribbean.

From their beaches, music, food, and local culture, here are the reasons why Jamaica is a good place to visit.

1. Home to Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches

Yes, we’ve said that almost all Caribbean islands have amazing waters but Jamaica rivals them all.

Since Jamaica is a small, lone country without any islands nearby, you’ll have miles and miles of spectacular white and golden sand beaches and crystal blue waters.

So even if it’s the peak tourist season, crowded beaches are not a thing in Jamaica.

Definitely visit the Frenchman’s Cove in Jamaica which made appearances in several Hollywood movies.

This tropical paradise is located in Port Antonio and what makes this place unique from other Jamaican beaches is its lagoon-style where you can see the clear stream of water converge into the blue ocean.

The Frenchman’s Cove is one of the hidden gems of Jamaica that is very much worthy of your visit.

2. Full range of water activities

If you have unparalleled beauty and wide seas, then it’s all for your taking.

Jamaica definitely used the natural beauty of its waters and tailored it to a full range of water sports and activities.

Almost all water activities that can be done in Jamaica are offered in your all-inclusive resort plan.

But if you’re not checked into a fancy hotel, then there are a lot of local tour guides or the beach manager that you can approach if you want to go scuba diving or snorkeling.

Aside from your usual water activities like kayaking or canoeing, Jamaica offers a whole lot of more unique things to experience.

In Montego Bay, you can ride your horses across the water and swim with them. It definitely brings a new perspective to horsepower!

3. One of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the Caribbean

Jamaica has a lot of protected and conserved areas including their reefs which makes it one of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the Caribbean.

There are plenty of shallow reefs to explore for beginners and first-timers and over one hundred dive sites to explore for those who are comfortable and experienced under the water.

For a cool historical adventure, why not go to the SS Kathryn Wreck? This sunken ship is a former minesweeper during World War II.

Today, it became an artificial reef home to many marine lives. Expect to see hundreds of corals and sponges, and fishes strategically laying their eggs inside the ship to avoid potential predators.

On a good day, you’ll see string rays and even nurse sharks. Depending on your instructor, you can swim around the ship or go inside the wheelhouse.

4. Experience high adrenaline activities

If you want to take a break at water sports and spend your day dry, then why not go to the Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios?

This tropical forest adventure tour will let you see Ocho Rios on a different vantage point.

This park offers a lot of activities that will get your adrenaline pumping.

Try out the Rainforest Sky Explorer where you will be chair lifted above the treetops at 700 feet and down o the heart of the forest.

If you think bobsledding is just a winter sport, then Jamaica will prove you wrong.

The 1000m-long Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica will let you zoom through the forest on a custom-designed sled with nothing but the gravity powering you.

Just don’t forget to wear light clothing, comfortable footwear, and tons of sunscreen!

5. Birthplace of Reggae

Jamaica is a wonderful place to immerse yourself in music. After all, you probably have known this country through Bob Marley and reggae.

This music scene is still very much alive. It doesn’t matter when you’ll visit Jamaica, you’ll always find a street dance happening in the local islands.

Someone will set up a speaker on the streets and people will start to come out and dance.

You might want to time your trip to coincide with one of the Jamaican music festivals. The most famous one is a six-day event starting from February 1 which is Bob Marley Birthday Bash in Negril.

There’s also the Reggae Sumfest and Reggae Salute happening every July and January respectively.

6. Amazing local food

There’s a good reason why Jamaican cuisine is one of the well-known Caribbean food in the world. Because Jamaica was colonized by countries in the past, their local food became a melting pot of all things great.

So what will you expect when it comes to Jamaican cuisine? Imagine mixtures of spices and dishes bursting with flavor.

You’ll have the freshest produce available and the best tropical fruits from the plantation straight to the kitchens. Here are some of the Jamaican local food that you need to try:

Jerk chicken

People say that you can judge a restaurant by their own rendition of jerk chicken. This dish is absolutely popular with locals and tourists.

This dish is a result of a cooking style that is native to Jamaica where the meat is usually marinated or dry-rubbed with a spice mixture of hot Jamaican jerk spice.  

Jamaican beef patty

This is great for a quick snack or a meal of its own.

A traditional Jamaican beef patty is composed of a flaky shell filled with ground beef and hot peppers — kind of their own version of a flaky and crispy calzone.

But now, you’ll find a lot of variations of this patty that are filled with seafood, chicken, cheese, or even just vegetables.

Fried breadfruit

You’ll find fried breadfruit at any Jamaican meal. Breadfruit is a starchy fruit almost similar to jackfruit but tastes like a potato.

If cooked right, breadfruit smells like freshly baked bread.

7. Luxury in Jamaica is unparalleled

Some of the best luxury hotels and resorts are located in Jamaica so if you’re looking to spoil yourself, this is the right place to go.

Get yourself an all-inclusive package and all you need to do is to sit back and enjoy all the things that Jamaica has to offer.

Treat yourself with a designer room by Ralph Lauren in Round Hill Hotel and Villas located in Montego Bay.

This is easily one of the best resorts in Jamaica and a little slice of a peaceful paradise in an otherwise bustling place.

Take a break from the saltwater and enjoy the resort’s cliff-side infinity pool or even relax at one of their outdoor spas.

If you want a resort where everything is given to you, then the Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort also located in Montego Bay is the ultimate definition of luxuries.

Their overwater bungalows situated on a private island are the envy of all resorts. A three-day stay will easily cost you a minimum of US$30,500.

It comes with your very own private butler, personal Royal Duffy luxury boat, infinity pool, and a whole array of amenities that you can only get by paying for the best of luxuries.

These are just clear reasons why people love to travel to Jamaica and why you should too.

To many, this place is the heart of the Caribbean fit for different lifestyles and milestones.

So whether you’re up for a good adventure, seeking to find a place to celebrate a wedding or preparing to ask you’re significant other, or you just want to temporarily escape the everyday hustle, Jamaica will have a place for you.