Is Philippines Worth Visiting (top 7 reasons)?

The Philippines might not be the first Asian country you’ll think of when you want a tropical destination. After all, this archipelago is a little bit farther from the cluster of Southeast Asia.

Plus, if you want to explore more of Asia, the Philippines might not be the best country to go to because it’ll cost you an extra plane ticket to go to other countries unlike in the Indochina part of Asia.

But, visiting the Philippines is an experience that everyone should try. The country’s tourism slogan is “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” and they’re not wrong. Because whatever try of travel adventure you’re looking for, the Philippines has it all.

Still not convinced?

Here are the reasons why the Philippines is worth visiting:

1.  Friendliest Locals You’ll Ever Meet

The Philippines is a country that prides itself on hospitality and Filipinos take it to heart. If you visit here, expect that the locals will do their best to help you if needed.

They’ll even warn you from potential dangers (tourist scams, pickpocketing, etc.) and give helpful tips to make your trip as comfortable as it can be.

The reason why Filipinos do this is because of their own culture. They have this mindset of “Bayanihan” which indirectly translates to “as a country/community”.

Filipinos do their best to help others if they see that they need it. So as a foreign tourist, they’re more than happy to help you if you got lost.

This is why whenever you go out and about, you’ll always see your jeepney drivers smiling, top-notch service from waiters regardless of where you’re eating, and even the kids will be very happy to help you!

Communication will not be a problem because almost all Filipinos have English as their second (or third) language.

2. It’s Always Summer

Technically, the summer season in the Philippines starts from March and ends in May but the weather in this country is always perfect for a nice day at the beach or an afternoon stroll at Luneta Park.

So if you’re craving for the rays of the sun and having the perfect tan, then the Philippines is your dream paradise.

During the rainy months (which is June to October), the weather is still perfect for going out. Usually, it’s still sunny or cloudy with an occasional typhoon if you’re timing is a bit off.

3. World’s Pearl of the Orient Seas

The Philippines is called the “Pearl of the Orient Seas” because of its famous natural beauty and rich biodiversity. So if you’re planning your ultimate tropical destination, then this country is definitely the way to go.

With the Philippines’ 7,641 islands, you can only imagine all the amazing destinations and hidden gems that await you. You will literally not run out of islands to visit here.

If you want to have that luxurious nature getaway, there are a lot of world-renowned and high-class hotels and resorts to choose from.

If you want to get in touch with nature, then you’ll be delighted to know that more than half of these islands are untouched by buildings and resort maternities.

This country is home to the most beautiful islands in the world. Boracay, Siargao, Palawan, and La Uñion are just some of the places that you should definitely go to if you’re in the Philippines.

4. The Philippines Have One of the Best Beaches in the World

This country is home to the most beautiful beaches in the world, thanks to the fact that it’s surrounded by water.

From their powdery white sand, gray sand, brown, cream, and even pink — however you like your beaches, the Philippines has it.

Head on to Boracay, home of the world-famous White Beach. The beauty of powdery white sand that stretches for miles and miles is unbelievable.

Locals are serious about their sandcastles and it’s natural for them to build sand sculptures that are bigger than you. So don’t forget to take a photo!

Nightlife is amazing here too. There are a lot of seaside bars and clubs that serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Videoke is definitely a must-do. Everyone in the Philippines loves a good Videoke session and it doesn’t matter if you’re on tune!

While you’re at it, why not catch the fire dancers at the shore at night? But make sure you keep your distance, they breathe fire!

For a laidback vacation, why not try Palawan? This stretch of island in Luzon is known for having an untouched environment. Definitely check out the Underground River, which is part of Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Plus, there are two towns in Palawan that should be in your travelers’ must-visit list. El Nido and Coron are both home to pristine islands and towering limestone rock formations.

5. Unique Nature Destinations

Sometimes, nature destinations can get repetitive even if you’re a nature lover yourself. When you’ve visited your 5th lake or waterfall, you’re starting to look for something more.

In the Philippines, this country is proud of its unique nature destinations, so you won’t get bored exploring its rich biodiversity.  

Visit the Chocolate Hill is Bohol and you’ll be amazed by what nature can give us. Plan your trip here during summer to you can see the hills resemble a perfect Hershey’s chocolate kisses.

This beautiful location was a result of coral deposits through rain and erosion. While you’re there, why not do a staring contest with a Tarsier? Spoiler alert: you’ll lose big time.

Ever wondered what it looks like to live back when every parcel of land isn’t turned into a building? Head up north to the Cordillera mountains to see the Rice Terraces of the Ifugao.

The Ifugao is an indigenous group living in the mountains and they are the ones to thank for this amazing creation.

The Banaue Rice Terraces already existed for 2,000 years. Back then, the Ifugaos carved the side of the mountains using their bare hands, creating the perfect way for irrigation.

These rice terraces are so expansive that if the steps were put end to end, it would encircle half the globe.

Fun fact: this place was featured in a Marvel movie! The Rice Terraces became Thanos’ resting home to live peacefully.

6. Amazing Fiestas

Filipinos know how to throw a street party and the only way to do it is to involve every single person in their community. So expect every fiesta to be big, colorful, loud, and well, festive.

Attending a festival in the Philippines is definitely one thing that you shouldn’t miss. Each town or province have their own festivals, whether its religious, historical, or cultural.

One of the festivals that locals and travelers go crazy about is the Sinulog Festival in Cebu celebrated every January. Filipinos would fly over to Cebu or spend more than a day’s worth of road trip just to attend Sinulog.

Their annual Grand Street Parade is one heck of an experience. Thousands of street performers in their most colorful costumes would perform the Sinulog Dance. At night, you’ll be treated to an endless fireworks display.

Remember when we said that Filipinos are the most friendly and hospitable people ever?

Festivals are a testament to that.

Even if you’re a foreigner and a stranger to their culture, you’ll best believe that random Filipino moms will hand you a plate during a street party and invite you to their table set outside their house.

Every local go out of their way to celebrate every fiesta so just enjoy every single bit of it!

7. Amazing Filipino Food

If you’ve traveled all over Asia, you might think that you have a good grasp of this country’s contribution to Asian cuisine.

But, once you’re here and tasted what Filipino food can offer, it deserves a rightful category on its own.

Because of the history of five different colonization and occupation in the Philippines, their food is a melting pot of Spanish, American, Japanese, British, and Chinese cuisine. You’ll never find a cuisine with that kind of diversity!

Each province in the Philippines has its own specialty and cuisine. It might be overwhelming for someone who’s not a local so here are some of Filipino food that you should definitely not miss:


If you already know about Filipino cuisine, chances are, your first taste of it is adobo.

It’s considered as the national dish of the Philippines because it’s incredibly easy to cook, budget-friendly, takes forever to spoil, and of course, insanely delicious.

This is made by stewing meat in soy sauce, vinegar, peppercorns, and bay leaves.

Every Filipino household has its own variety of adobo so that’s definitely a dish that you should look out for.


A top contender for the best Filipino dishes, lechon is a whole roasted pig with crispy skin and juicy meat. Serve it with “sarsa” or Filipino-style lechon sauce over a hot, steaming rice and you’re good to go.

Wide variations of “Kakanin” Filipinos love their rice so of course, they incorporated it into their desert. Definitely don’t skip out on many variations of “kakanin” like biko, suman, palitaw, and sapin-sapin.