Is Australia Worth Going To (15 Reasons)?

is australia worth going to 15 reasons

Have you always dreamt of visiting Australia but you are still unsure if it is worth it or not? There are actually a lot of good reasons why you should go to this beautiful country.

Australia abounds with magical wonders and out-of-this-world mysteries. This is the world’s smallest continent and also the biggest country at the same time.

All of you have surely heard of how varied the fauna and flora of Australia is. From beaches that look like they belong to storybooks to real life bears that remind you of stuffed toys to large spiders and creepy crawlies, all of these can be found only in Australia.

Indeed, Australia is an adventure-filled world in every sense of the word.

These 15 reasons are guaranteed to convince you that Australia is still worthy to visit for at least once in your life!

1. Get a Glimpse of the Aboriginal Culture

In case you don’t know it yet, the Indigenous Civilization of Australia is actually the world’s oldest continuous culture that date as far back as 52,000 and 61,000 years ago.

The basics of the Aboriginal traditions and ceremonies are the belief of Dreamtime and spiritual connection to the land.

To this day, Indigenous Culture has been preserved through sites, art, and music, with several experiences and tours providing a glimpse of the country’s aboriginal history.

2. Discover the Many Cultural Charms of Melbourne

Melbourne is the fabulous capital of Australia when it comes to culture, food art, sport, and even attitude.

There are so many exciting things to do in this cosmopolitan city yet the first most notable one is none other than coffee.

Melbourne has a very thriving and passionate coffee culture. Just wander around the neighborhoods of the city to get a sip of this liquid gold.

The rise of cafes is partly because of the city’s desire to be the top destination for entrepreneurs and startups, something best fostered in spaces where people will be encouraged to connect.

It is also a part of Melbourne’s DNA to take pride in their communal tables and novel coffee beverages.

If you are not busy talking to the local roaster you might want to explore St. Kilda’s hip seaside suburbs, bike along Yarra River or just admire the colorful street art of the city.

When nighttime comes, Melbourne’s night culture competes with its coffee culture and you wouldn’t have a hard time finding a good place to go.

3. Admire the Amazing Architectural Works

Even though Australia is known far and wide for its various natural landscapes, it is also worthy to note the architectural feats that color the skylines of Australian cities.

There is no doubt that the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Sydney Opera House overlooking the Sydney Harbor Bridge is Australia’s most recognizable building of all.

The Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne is another UNESCO World Heritage-listed site. There is also the controversial Federation Square that is a great topic for conversations.

The Parliament House in Canberra is among the most significant buildings and Q1 being the tallest one located in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.

4. Be Stunned with the Most Spectacular Natural Sites

Australia serves as the home to numerous visually captivating destinations and sites.

Everywhere in the continent, you will find a selection of eye candies for tourists that will surely awaken that backpacker in you.

To date, Australia has a total of 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, all of which are marvelous sights to behold.

In Queensland, you will find Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world.

Thanks to the fungi living on this island, Fraser Island got the one and only rainforest in the whole world that grows on sand and not on regular soil.

Another heritage site is the Greater Blue Mountains Area just near Sydney.

This is where you can find most endangered species that take shelter in eight protected sites within the park. This is also where you can find different varieties of eucalyptus species.

One more notable historical site is Kakadu National Park that shows evidence of how Australia’s natives, the Aboriginals, lived.

This is also the place to go if you want to see for yourself the remains of ancient Aboriginal rock art.

Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef is one of the world’s most biologically diverse marine areas.

More than 700 fish species have made their home in this reef.

Ayers Rock or Uluru is celebrated for its cultural importance to the Aboriginals and this is also the world’s second-largest monolith just next to Mount Augustus that can also be found in Australia.

It doesn’t matter what kind of site you are looking for, you can be sure that you will find it in Australia.

5. See All the Big Things

Approximately 150 larger than life attractions found on the roadsides are dotting across all the territories and states of Australia.

Big Scotsman is the first on, built-in Medindie, Adelaide in 1963.

Also, some of the most famous novelty attractions you can find here include the Big Merino, the Big Banana, the Big Ned Kelly, the Big Golden Guitar, and the Big Pineapple.

You see, if you want something big, Australia has got you covered.

6. Stay in the Most Incredible Hotels

In a sprawling and diverse country like Australia, it just makes sense that it also has a wide selection of accommodations in all types, sizes, and price tags.

After all, a traveler who spends their entire day on their toes exploring this wonderful place deserves a good rest.

Park Hyatt Sydney can be found in the city that serves as the point of arrival for most tourists, making it a top favorite.

The hotel is a proof that location does matter.

Found right next to Sydney Harbor’s shores, shadowed by the Harbor Bridge with views of the Opera House across it, it would be impossible for you to wake up with a heavy heart while staying in this hotel.

Stylish and polished but still offering that relaxed Australian feel of being a welcoming haven, Park Hyatt Sydney is very Sydney without a doubt.

If you are in Brisbane with a smaller population, you can enjoy a more intimate experience by checking into the charming and atmospheric Spicers Balfour Hotel with its stunning art deco.

It subtle size, stylish interior and cheery patio on the rooftop all come together for a less temporal stay.

For those who prefer remote solitude, you will have plenty of options in the impressive selection of Luxury Lodges.

This is where you can stay in quaint tiny lodges located in distant and wild locales where the food, wine, and experiences are all centered on the area’s uniqueness.

You can stay in places such as the dazzling Saffire Lodge on the east coast of Tasmania where you’ll be waist deep in the waters together with oyster beds and sample this local delicacy afterwards.

You can also take a sip of the gins grown in Tasmania and cap off the night by visiting the Tasmanian Devils with an in-house Naturalist.

7. Go an Exciting Australian Road Trip

In case you don’t know it, road trips are actually among the top reasons why tourists are flocking to Australia every single year.

The road trip on Outback Central Arnhem Highway is among the most famous ones as this is a rather simple trip on Arnhem Highway.

But, just because it is simple doesn’t mean it is easy though because this trip is far from being easy.

The entire trip runs for 710 kilometers and this isn’t for the faint of heart because only a single gasoline station can be found along the way.

However, the majestic view that awaits you in the end, located at Arafura Sea, will be worth all the effort.

Also, when you consider the scenic landscape you will see while cruising along this road, you would never have second thoughts to go on that road trip.

The Big Lap of Australia is another popular choice. This is notably longer compared to the road trip in the Outback that spans the enormous continent.

8. Dive into a Whole New World

No one will be able to resist the thought of discovering the absolutely breathtaking and new world under the waters.

Australia is not just a surfer’s heaven as this is also a true diver’s paradise where you can find rich diving spots in almost all parts of the sea in the area.

West Coast’s Ningaloo Reef is among the most renowned diving sites in the entire country.

Ribbon Reef in Port Douglas is another famous spot where you can find rare marine species such as blue spotted stingrays and whitetip sharks.

Of course, there is Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef that spans more than 2,000 kilometers of natural and pure beauty and thriving marine life.

The area is actually so big you can actually see it from the satellites in outer space.

This is the biggest natural-made living organism structure called coral polyps. This is also the home of millions of different marine species.

This is why it isn’t a surprise that it has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and among the Seven Wonders of the World.

Being one of the top diving destinations of the world, Australia always does its very best in the promotion of responsible diving in every diving spot.

Rules are being imposed to guarantee the safety of the reefs and the divers and help reduce potential damage on corals that can have a negative effect on the living species that live there.

9. Unearth the Self-Contained Beauty of South Australia

South Australia is your one-stop shop for almost all the unique things Australia is famous for.

Barossa Valley and Clare Valley should be your first stop as these are the most esteemed wine regions boasting of fertile hills and rows and rows of neat vines that cloak the valleys.

The tone in the outback is a little bit different as it gives you empty and vast land stretches.

This is an extreme and harsh terrain that never fails to attract the interest of tourists with its grandeur and timelessness.

Arkaba’s cozy homestead is a great spot to stay. It is a 60,000 acre sheep station transformed into a nature conservancy.

Nights here are made more fun with the warm hospitality and home-style meals while days can be spent discovering the wildlife and landscapes.

A short distance away is Kangaroo Island where you can be up close and personal with the country’s most iconic mammal.

Dubbed as the Galapagos of Australia, this is among the best spots to see echidnas, koalas or even marine animals such as the fur sea colony living right Cape du Couedic.

10. Surf to Your Heart’s Delight

The beaches of Australia are real life paradise and dream come true for any surfer.

The coastline provides topnotch waves perfect for riding by serious surfers. Queensland’s Gold Coast is popular as a surfing destination in its own right thanks to the surf beaches found in the area.

For those who don’t surf, you can also bask in the salty breeze while it touches your skin while enjoying Australia’s weather to the fullest.

Relax and have fun as you watch the surfers glide smoothly on top of the waves.

11. The Unique Attitude of Aussies

Australians with their laid back attitude are down to earth and friendly.

Being a multicultural country, fitting in is easy even if you have a hard time understanding the local language. Aussies love beer and barbeques and their sense of humor is also unique.

And to top it all, Australians highly value mateship that embodies friendship and loyalty.

12. Sip the Tasty Australian Wines

As the New World Wines are starting to take the spotlight, you have probably been wondering if those bottles of Australian wines you’ve seen in the local stores taste good.

Syrah or Shiraz is the famous export of Australia.

This is a type of medium to full-bodied red wine that has flavor profiles dependent on the Australian region where it was grown.

While their red wines are more popular, you will also love their refreshing and crisp Chardonnay.

13. Tantalize Your Senses in Tasmania

Once regarded as the last outpost for the most destitute convicts of England, this island sitting at the end of the world is currently acclaimed for its deliciously fresh produce, whiskeys that warm the heart, cool-climate wines and eye-catching scenery.

The numerous reserves, national parks and Freycinet Peninsula on the isolated island showcase its stunning and rugged scenery.

With more than 40% of the residents of the island living in Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, the rest of the region has a sparse population that further enhances its remote feel.

The cityscape of the capital is dotted with historic buildings and colonial distilleries. Looming over it is Mount Wellington while hotels overlook the port docks.

While strolling the pristine beaches, you will see dolphins and other forms of wildlife.

The deep sea caves and the view of the highest sea cliffs of the country that hover on the horizon are also equally impressive.

This is also where you can find the Great Oyster Bay famed for the freshest and most succulent oysters you would ever taste in your life.

14. Love for Sports

From AFL to cricket, netball, soccer, and rugby, there is no doubt that Aussies are big sports fans and enthusiasts.

The most famous sporting events include The Moto GP, the AFL Grand Final, Spring Racing Carnival, The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Australian Open.

The Royal Melbourne Cup and the AFL Grand Final are very popular that the occasion is marked as public holidays.

Australia even became the host of the Olympics twice, the first one in 1956 in Melbourne and in 2000 in Sydney.

It also became the host of the Commonwealth games for four times.

15. The Stunning Surroundings of Sydney

Australia is worth going to because of Sydney, which is hands-down one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Sydney is a one of a kind metropolis sitting on the harbor of stunning proportions with waterways winding into the hidden covers and lapping at scenic sand beaches.

For sure, you have also heard of the renowned Bondi Beach that is the epitome of sand, sun and chill.

The city is where tourists all over the world come to worship the sun and the good news is that there are lots of rooms for everyone.

This is basically the rite of passage to try those famous breaks and getting a private surf lesson is an experience worthy to scratch off your bucket list.

While in the city, a bike ride is perfect for admiring the city with its stunning architecture or for a more quintessential experience, you can even go cruising the Harbor aboard a private yacht.

Are you convinced now of the reasons why Australia is still worth visiting?

Don’t waste any minute. Schedule your visit here and have the best adventure of your life!