How to Travel With PS5: Gaming on the Go

How to Travel With PS5 featured

Embarking on a journey with your beloved PS5?

Fear not, fellow gamers! Ever since my son found out that we’re going to visit his grandmother, and his PS5 is his main reason for living (his words not mine) I looked into what one should think about on how to travel with PS5.

So, in this blog post I will give you everything you’ll need to know to arrive with your PS5 safe and sound…

Spoiler alert: the right travel case and packing strategy are key! So buckle up, and let’s dive into this fun-filled guide together.

Choosing the Best PS5 Travel Case

When it comes to selecting a PS5 case, there are several factors to consider. First, look for a case that provides ample protection for your console and its accessories. Hard-shell cases and shockproof designs are recommended for keeping your console safe during transportation.

Next, consider a case with compartments for easy organization of your PS5 console, controllers, cables, and headset. A well-designed carrying case or backpack will make it easy to carry your gaming console and accessories.

Lastly, read travel case reviews from other PlayStation 5 users to find the best overall option. You can also consult expert opinions to compare the Playstation 5 travel cases that are available on the market today, including those specifically designed for air travel, backpack-style cases, and budget-friendly options.

Packing Your PS5 for Travel

To pack your PS5 for travel, start by placing your console in its original box or a cardboard box of a similar size. This will help protect your console from getting damaged during transportation. If you still have the box, you can also use it to pad the sides of your console for added protection.

Next, wrap your controller, cables, and headset in bubble wrap or a soft cloth to prevent them from getting damaged. Place these items in a separate compartment or travel bag to keep them organized.

When packing your console in your suitcase or carry-on bag, place it in the center and surround it with clothing to provide additional cushioning. Make sure you pack your console securely to prevent it from shifting during transit.

Traveling With a PS5 on a Plane

When traveling with a PS5 on a plane, you’ll need to decide whether to bring your console in your carry-on or checked luggage. While placing your console in checked baggage might seem convenient, it can leave your console vulnerable to damage. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep your gaming console in your carry-on bag.

At the airport security checkpoint, you’ll be required to take your console out of your bag and place it on the conveyor belt for x-ray screening. Treat your PS5 like a laptop and follow the TSA security checkpoint guidelines for portable gaming consoles.

Before traveling, check airline policies for consoles on planes. Some airlines may have specific requirements for traveling with gaming consoles in carry-on or checked luggage.

PS5 Travel: Road Trip Essentials

When planning a road trip with your PS5, there are a few essential items you should bring along to enhance your gaming experience:

  1. Power inverter: A power inverter will convert your vehicle’s 12V DC power to 120V AC, allowing you to plug in your PS5 console and play while on the road. Make sure to choose an inverter with sufficient wattage to support your gaming console’s power requirements.
  2. Portable monitor: A portable monitor will enable you to play your games without relying on a television. Look for a monitor with HDMI input and a high-quality display for the best gaming experience.
  3. Extension cords and power strips: Bring extension cords and power strips to ensure you have enough outlets to connect your PS5 console, monitor, and other devices.
  4. Gaming headset: A high-quality gaming headset will allow you to enjoy the game audio without disturbing others in the car. Look for a comfortable, noise-canceling headset that is compatible with your PlayStation 5 console.
  5. Cleaning supplies: Pack a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution designed for electronics to keep your PS5 and accessories clean during your travels.

By preparing these road trip essentials, you’ll be able to make the most of your PS5 gaming experience while traveling.

International Considerations

If you plan to travel internationally with your PS5, there are a few additional factors to consider:

  1. Power adapters: Different countries use different types of power outlets and voltages. Research the power requirements of your destination and bring the appropriate power adapters to ensure your PS5 console and accessories can be plugged in safely.
  2. Region compatibility: PlayStation 5 consoles and games are region-free, meaning you can play games from any region on your console. However, keep in mind that DLC (downloadable content) and online services may still be region-locked.
  3. Language settings: Be aware of the primary language spoken in the country you’re visiting, as some games may default to the local language. You can change the language settings of your console and games through the system settings.
  4. Local gaming communities: Connect with local gaming communities in your destination to discover popular games and find like-minded gamers to play with during your trip.

Taking these international travel considerations into account will help you have a smooth gaming experience while abroad.

Traveling with Friends

Traveling with friends who also enjoy gaming can make your trip even more enjoyable. Here are a few tips for traveling with multiple consoles:

  1. Coordinate packing: Communicate with your friends to determine who will bring what gaming equipment. This can help avoid duplicating items and save space in your luggage.
  2. Multiplayer games: Bring a variety of multiplayer games that can be enjoyed by everyone. This will provide hours of entertainment and create lasting memories with your friends.
  3. Extra controllers: Ensure you have enough controllers for everyone to play. Consider bringing a mix of wired and wireless controllers for added convenience.
  4. Gaming tournaments: Organize gaming tournaments to add a competitive element to your trip. This can be a fun way to bond with your friends and make your travel experience more memorable.

Other Tips for Bringing Your PS5 on Your Travels

In addition to air travel, there are other situations where you may want to bring your PS5 console. For instance, when traveling by car, ensure your console is securely packed and placed in a location where it won’t be subject to excessive heat or cold.

When staying at a hotel, look for accommodations that cater to gaming console enthusiasts. These hotels may offer special amenities like high-speed internet and comfortable gaming areas.


Traveling with your PS5 requires proper planning and packing to ensure your console remains safe and undamaged during your trip. By selecting the best PS5 travel case, packing your console and accessories securely, and following airline guidelines, you can enjoy gaming on the go without any worries.