25 Tips on How to Travel More

No one is born as a savvy traveler. Instead, this is something that comes as you get more and more experiences on the road.

When you are just getting started, it is normal to make so many mistakes during your trip.

Being is savvy traveler is a process born out of wrong decisions, cultural unawareness, missed buses, and tons of small mistakes. One day, you suddenly find it easier to navigate airports and fit into new cultures without looking like a fish out of water.

For you to become a savvy traveler, you need to travel more. How do you do it? How can you travel more? How can you find the money you need to make it possible?

Check out these 25 tips to help you see the world more and become the kind of traveler you have always wanted to be.

1. Start a Minimalist Lifestyle

A minimalist lifestyle can help you in many ways. This method is one of the best ways for you to get started with your plan of going on more trips.

Minimalism makes it possible for you to save more money than you can later spend on exploring the world. The lifestyle teaches you to buy only those things you need and cut out the excess.

The secret to simplifying your life is determining if you are truly happy with every purchase you make and every item you own.

Instead of splurging on new shoes, you don’t need, put the money aside for your travel.

2. Set Aside a Travel Fund

If you don’t make it your priority to save for travel, don’t expect it to happen. Have a separate account specifically meant for travel and add some cash to it every week or month, whatever the amount is.

Once setting aside money for your travel fund becomes automatic to you, you will soon have some substantial amount of savings in no time.

You will be surprised how much you were able to save once the day of your much-awaited trip has come.

3. Choose Cheap Destinations

Whether you like it or not, some countries are just too expensive. The difference in prices is the very reason why many people choose not to go to certain destinations.

Expect your travel funds to stretch further if you head to a destination where your money is strong against the destination country’s local currency.

Looking for cheap destinations is one of the best kept secrets of those who are able to travel more.

Some destinations that are considered budget-friendly include Southeast Asia, most South American countries, and Eastern Europe.

4. Get a Travel Job

Did you know that there are now lots of jobs that let you travel?

Although traveling for work will never feel the same as going on a vacation trip, this can still give you lots of chances to explore more new places.

Travel blogging can even help you score some free trips. It can take some time to get to that point where you could get free sightseeing activities or accommodation as a blogger.

However, once it happens, this can be the perfect chance for you to travel more often.

5. Decide If Travelling is a Priority and Make It One

Being able to travel the world is a very enriching and wonderful experience. You will make amazing memories throughout the years that you will always remember for the rest of your life.

But, for you to be able to travel more, you should decide deep down if this is really something you want and if you have the willingness to sacrifice other aspects of your life just to make it possible.

Sit down and figure out if traveling is your priority and if it is, then commit to making it one.

6. Pay Attention to the Details

Planning your travel requires you to pay attention to even the smallest details.

Even if you are looking to save more cash, make sure you don’t disregard the incidentals. These could quickly add up to more expenses at the end of your trip, particularly an extended one.

Pick hotels that offer expensive extras for free such as WiFi, parking, and breakfast.

Never assume that the business or fitness center is free and always inquire about what is included in the report fee if you are paying one.

There are times when you can take advantage of such perks by joining the loyalty program upon check-in.

7. Shorten Your Weekend Trips

One way for you to manage to go on more trips every year is to make the most out of long weekends or weekends.

The trick for such weekend trips is to make sure that you don’t go too far from home.

Make sure you also shorten these trips by just taking a handful of leave days.

8. Work Remotely

The trend today is digital nomadism wherein people work and travel at the same time with only their laptop and a good internet connection.

This is the rage these days and more and more people are following in love with it.

Freelance jobs fit into this category where you can do client work as you travel. This is the best way for you to take more trips with no need for you to take a lot of time off work.

Working remotely has many other benefits aside from being able to travel more so you might want to consider this.

9. Set a Travel Goal and Stick to It

Another trick to travel more and as often as you want is to start with a single goal.

Choose a reasonable travel goal, set and complete it, and make more new goals. For instance, you can make it your goal to visit Stonehenge.

Just set a date and complete it.

After that, you can make another goal of visiting the Grand Canyon and this time, with your family.

Always set and complete one goal at a time to make it less daunting and to focus better on what you want to achieve for your travel.

10. Watch Out for Airline Sales

If you are the kind of person who is spontaneous, you can sign up for email notifications to stay updated about airline sales.

You should also learn the best time of booking flights and how you can get a deal on cheap flights.

There are airlines that usually have big sales wherein they are pretty much-giving flights away. These sales could be for last-minute flights.

However, never assume that you always need to plan all trips ahead of time.

If you got several extra vacation days or a free weekend, put a few stuff in your carry-on and you might find yourself on the slopes or at the beach in just a matter of hours.

11.Know Where to Find the Best Bargains

Aside from watching out for airline deals and sales, see to it that you are also on all possible lists for discount codes and printable coupons.

To do this, you can sign up for alerts from your preferred hotels, airlines, and rental car companies and follow their social media accounts.

Always keep them updated if there are changes to your email or home address.

Just don’t forget to read first the fine print since these bargains usually have specific timing where changes are not allowed and must only be bought during a limited timeframe.

12. Give Up Something of Less Importance

Sometimes, traveling more often means you need to sacrifice something to make your travel dreams a reality.

If must be something that has something to do with a roadblock you might be facing right now.

If your concern is not having enough free time in your schedule, you can forego a few recreational activities to allow more travel time.

If your issue has something to do with money, you can give up eating out or going to the cinemas for several months.

13. Give Travel Hacking a Try

Travel hacking refers to building up points or miles when you sign up and spend cash through credit cards.

This concept is a bit complicated to understand but this is also a good way for you to travel for less or even for free.

However, credit cards from different places will also have different deals so always check it first.

14. Think Outside the Box

The rate for hotels in the city center or downtown is much pricier than accommodations located in the outskirts or the suburbs.

If you plan to spend most of your day outside, you can skim a bit in your room to save some cash for fun.

Experts advise travelers to look for suburban hotels near bus stops or subways.

You can still save hundreds of dollars even if consider the fare back and forth.

If you will travel during a weekend, look for a business hotel that would want to fill beds as this will give you a better chance of scoring a more attractive room rate.

15. Believe and Understand That Traveling More is Possible

It is quite surprising how this is the most difficult roadblock to overcome for most people.

There are times when the one obstacle that is the hardest to overcome is not time or money but yourself.

You can see this all the time and this is truly heartbreaking. While traveling more often might be a bit stressful and hard, this is also rewarding and beautiful at the same time.

16. Make the Most of Your Flexibility

The best strength of any traveler is to be able to beat high prices. In case your travel goals include expensive destinations, you can do during slower periods.

Go on a cruise during fall season or visit bucket list destinations such as Tahiti, Prague, or Disney during the so-called dead weeks or those weeks before and right after the rush of Christmas and New Year.

Being flexible also means being able to wait for those last-minute deals. There are many apps where you can jump at affordable prices.

17. Save More and Spend Less

This is the part where you could get more creative.

The truth is that there are many ways for you to stretch your cash and invest it instead of exploring and seeing the world. Follow a strict budget then stick to it.

Try shopping for weekly ads and couponing to maximize your budgets for groceries.

Place a coin jar on the countertop with a photo of your dream destination on it where you can collect your extra dollars and change.

Hold a yard sale. Take on some side gigs. You will enjoy your travel more when you worked hard to make it possible.

18. Put Your Place Up for Rent While You are Away

You can rent out your place when you are not using it to further stretch your travel budget by several thousand dollars. It is very easy to list it online although it takes a bit of effort.

Start by taking some good photos of every room in your house and write a complete description of the place and the neighborhood to describe the images.

Sign up in sites where you can put up your listing and wait for the bookings to arrive.

19. Score a Discounted Accommodation

Getting a discount on your accommodation is another great way to stretch your travel funds. You can become a member of several loyalty programs where you can find discounted accommodations.

There are tons of loyalty programs out there that you can choose from. However, you don’t need to sign up for each one of them.

Just pick a handful of programs with the booking websites or companies you prefer and use those that you picked on a regular basis.

Not all loyalty programs will have the best deals on offer, though, so you might want to compare prices first before you make a booking.

20. Follow the Experts

Travel experts all agree that one way for aspiring travelers to save money to travel more is through monitoring experts like themselves.

You can sign up for their newsletters and mailing lists and follow them on social media.

This way, you can be among the first people to know if there is a special rate or deal being offered.

21. Be Part of a Club

Never disregard those savings you can get through memberships. Make sure your travel agent, if you have one, knows your age and if you are affiliate with groups that could give you exclusive savings.

If you have a credit card, pay close attention to perks like the chance of checking luggage free of charge or deals on double mileage.

Even though you might not be at an elite level yet, being loyal to any rental car company, hotel, or airline can lead to great savings or reward points to help you save cash later on.

Always remember the first rule in saving money – don’t be afraid to ask.

22. Be Open-Minded

Most people often consider only those mainstream options for travel such as motels, hotels, cabs, and rental cars.

But the truth is, there are endless choices for couchsurfing, home-swapping or just renting a house directly from the owner.

Check online to find alternative accommodations that are sometimes cheaper than standard hotel rooms.

Taking public transportation such as subways and buses and trains in cities can save you over 50% of your budget.

After you picked your destination, you can download guides, apps, and maps to make your trip smoother.

23. Explore Your Own Place Like a Tourist

If you are in between trips and you feel that wanderlust creep in, one of the best things you can do is to see your own place with fresh eyes.

Can you really say that you have seen all the popular landmarks visit in your place? Were you able to explore attractions perfect for an easy day trip?

How about a local food tour? Instead of spending your weekends doing laundry and running errands, grab the chance to explore your neighborhood.

Try something new and you will be glad you did!

24. Travel the Eco-Friendly Way

Going on an eco-travel is a great way to save some cash and save the planet at the same time.

Take a train instead of plane to reduce your carbon footprint. The journey can be a wonderful part of your entire experience.

Choose a sustainable destination and once you get there, go on a stroll or ride a bike.

You will not just be able to save money on car rentals and cabs as you can also increase your chances of stumbling on cool places.

25. Choose Travel Over Anything Else

If you truly want to travel more this year and in the many years to come, you have to choose it and sacrifice other aspects of your life.

There might be a need for you to miss a friend’s wedding or a nephew’s birthday party.

It might also mean that you say no to nights out because you want to save for your trip.

The point here is you can only travel more if you choose to do so over other things.

When you do so, you can make more money to spend and make more time for those amazing trips!