23 Ways on How Travel Changes You

Some moments in your life can change you and define your personality. One of the best examples of such moments is none other than traveling.

Traveling to somewhere new and embarking on an unfamiliar adventure can make you see the world in a new light and a whole new perspective.

There is so much more to travel than just the mere thought of going on an unforgettable trip you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Here are 23 ways travel changes you:

1. Travel Opens Up Your World

From that time that you make up your heart and mind to travel to have new experiences, explore new places, and meet new people, your world also becomes more open than ever before.

As you embrace curiosity and expose yourself to different things, you also get to become better connected to the world around you, allowing you to fully experience everything it has to offer.

2. Travel Lets You Learn More About Yourself

Among the main things you will learn about yourself as you travel is none other than your resiliency.

When you trot around the globe, the only one you can rely on is none other than yourself or your travel buddy, if you have one.

Along the way, you will be forced to dig deeper and deal with anything that might pop up during your journey.

If you find yourself amidst a stressful situation, you got no scapegoats. It is all up to you to come up with a solution. Sometimes, you need to make one as quickly as possible.

3. Travel Encourages You to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

When you break out of the comforts of your home and everything familiar to you, such as the weather, the language, the food, and the people, you will start seeing yourself and world in a new way.

What you thought to be uncomfortable or scary before, such as eating by yourself in a restaurant, will no longer seem that scary and you can now do things you didn’t even imagine possible.

4. Travel Recharges You

An average person works from 40 up to 80 hours and says no to vacations to earn more money. But, in all honesty, money isn’t really worth it all the time.

Your vacation days are days that can benefit your mental health. Your body shouldn’t always be stuck at the desk and your brain must take a break from constant work.

Your eyes also deserve some time off from the computer screen. Schedule a beach trip and bask in some vitamin D.

Let the air freshen up your skin and recharge your body. Connect with yourself, reset your emotions, and enjoy complete rejuvenation.

5. Travel Boosts Your Mood

Once you step off the plane, you will feel an instant rush of happiness and excitement. You feel lighthearted and carefree.

Your worries are left behind and you are in the moment as you explore the new environment.

Getting rid of the stress from your life can change your mood and to do this, you have to do something to free you from stress.

Plan your travel, hop on that plane, and just live in the moment.

Shift the setting of your mood to something more carefree that can make you happy and enlighten your heart.

6. Travel Makes You More Social

When you are on the road, there are only two options.

  1. You are either all by yourself or you get better in making new friends.
  2. You learn how to make friends with strangers and become more comfortable as you approach new people and small talks become easier for you.

Some travelers initially started as introverts who don’t like to talk to strangers at all.

But, after several trips, they find themselves talking to others as if they have known each other for many years.

7. Travel Gives You Friends from All Over the World

Once you become more social, it is only expected that you will also be making more friends.

After years of exploring the world, there will be few places you can go where you don’t know someone.

When you travel on your own, you will make friends so you can be sure that there is always a place where you can stay as well as a friend who will be more than happy to show you around.

8. You are No Longer Bothered by Loneliness When You Travel

This is simply because you have to realize and see the true sense and nature of being alone.

It is when you are alone that you get the chance to truly listen to that voice inside you.

You learn to befriend yourself, something that can make you a better friend to others.

9. Travel Teaches You How to Go with the Flow

Missed and delayed flights, wrong turns, slow buses, dirty hotel rooms, bad street food, tourist spots that don’t live up to your expectations, and so much more.

Travel lets you experience all of these and as a result, you also learn how to deal with them. You learn how you can adapt your personal plans to situations that change on a constant basis.

You don’t feel angry or mad and you simply move on instead. Life gives you lemons and you just make a lemon juice out of it.

10. Travel Makes You Become Better in Reading People

If the language is unfamiliar, non-verbal communication can become more critical so you can read people and situations.

Having the ability of reading body language will tell you so much about your surroundings so you can stay away from not so good situations.

You also learn how you can better communicate with others with the use of non-verbal skills.

Traveling to other places with a language different from yours can hone your ability to understanding body language.

11. Travel Makes You More Adventurous

The moment you become more confident with your ability of doing anything, you feel more inclined to do everything. You jump off those cliffs. Go skydiving.

Eat insects. All of these are part of your trip and as you find yourself in more uncomfortable situations, you will soon find them more comfortable.

Everything just becomes a part of your journey.

12. Travel Serves as an Eye-Opener

Travel changes your life as it lets you implement the positive notions that others use in their lives.

Seeing the way of life of other people, what kind of food they eat, how they go about with their jobs, how their family time is spent, and how their holidays are celebrated is already an eye-opener in itself.

You get to witness what it is really like to value those things that you probably just take for granted in your own life right now.

Travelling makes you appreciate better all the things that you already have. You are given that rare chance to better prioritize those things that matter the most in your life.

Opening your eyes to life doesn’t really take much effort as it only requires a single moment of realization that even the smallest things and most minute details matter a lot more than what you think of.

13. Travel Hones You into a Better Storyteller

Almost all people in this world dream of becoming a storyteller. It is through stories that people connect with each other.

Stories are like giant webs that evoke a plethora of emotions and feelings. This large web of stories as well as how they bind the society together is very complex and intricate that it can be very hard to understand.

However, it is still there. Every person on this planet has their favorite stories they easily relate to. People love listening to tales of faraway lands or those that happened once upon a time.

Everyone wants others to relate to them, to find them funny, and to be immersed in whatever they got to say. And if there is something that will give you such stories, it would be none other than travel.

Of course, expect that not all experiences are glamorous but it is these kinds of moments that people want and love to hear.

These are real and raw stories that really get embedded in the minds and hearts of anyone who listens to them.

14. Travel Gives You a Better Sense of Independence

It doesn’t matter if you will be traveling with your favorite travel buddy or you are an avid solo traveler because traveling can help turn you into someone with more independence in many ways you probably didn’t even realize.

Going on a trip means you need to figure out how you can go to your destination from your current location.

You also have to decide on the things you want to see and the activities you want to do every day of your trip.

As you do all of these, you also need to learn how you can better manage your budget so you don’t go broke in a foreign land.

At first, you might not really pay much attention to these but each one is an important small step for you to become someone with a stronger and better sense of independence.

15. Travel Makes You Gain More Confidence

With better sense of independence comes a bigger dose of confidence. You have traveled and seen the world. You reached the peak of Mt. Everest and swim the waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

You enjoyed fine wine and sumptuous dishes in the romantic city of Paris and found your away around unknown villages with ease.

Simply put, you have done so many awesome things.

Once you have accomplished so much, you will feel that instant boost of confidence because you now know that you can pretty much achieve anything and everything your heart desires.

16. Travel Teaches You How to Value Experiences More Than Material Things

When you have had that chance to hike the peaks of Machu Picchu or see before your eyes the towering Colosseum in Rome, you will come to realize that life is not just about the things money can buy.

Instead, it is about the things you can do and experiences you can get.

Little by little, it will become more obvious to you that the memories you make and experiences you get to share with others are what truly matters and not those souvenirs you get to bring back home.

17. Travel Develops Your Desire to Travel More

You will never get enough once you’ve got a taste of what travel feels like.

After you basked in the sights, smells, and sounds of an unfamiliar place, you will only find yourself more eager than before to look for another place that you can add to your bucket list of destinations you would want to visit.

The good news is that the world is such a big place, which means you have a lot of exciting choices out there, just waiting for you to satisfy that wanderlust inside you.

18. Travel Makes You Understand and Appreciate Other Cultures Better

When you get surrounded by people coming from different countries whose ways of thinking, traditions, and values are different from yours, you will realize that the world has so much more in store than those that are present in that small place you come from.

You will see things from a completely different and new perspective and you can also understand better the different ways of life of people.

As you interact with various communities and people all over the world, you will also learn how to really appreciate not only their similarities but also their differences.

19. Travel Improves Your Flexibility and Adaptability

There are times when unexpected things can happen during your trip. Flights can get cancelled.

You feel asleep on the bus so you missed your stop. A heavy downpour suddenly comes out of nowhere just when you had your day planned out.

But, during these ups and downs, you also get to learn how to better handle no matter what kind of situation gets thrown at you.

You become more flexible and you adapt. You look for a new solution instead and maybe, you will just find it funny when the day ends.

20. Travel Broadens Your Perspective

Most of you will surely agree that the best way of changing your life is broadening your current perspective and change your point of view.

The way you look at the world and how it works will start changing with each travel you embark on. The way you look at the government of your country starts changing as well as how you view the moments you get to spend with your loved ones and family.

The way you interact with others around you also change and even the way you interact with yourself.

Travel can be truly transformational. It changes your world and your life if you allow it to. It teaches you new skills in life that you will never learn if you are stuck at home with a routine surrounded by a bubble.

It is through travel that you learn how to better trust others and yourself, how you shouldn’t be afraid of telling the best stories, and how to really appreciate anything and everything.

Nothing can ever substitute the experience you gain during your trips.

Your perspective changes as you realize that it is better to be out and about in an adventure instead of just spending your days at the office slaving away.

21. Travel Improves Your Chances of Getting Employed

You have explored the world by yourself, handled the most awkward situations and conversed with people from all walks of life.

In short, you have developed soft people skills that schools won’t teach you.

It is this ability to work well with other people and navigating various situations could you give that edge to help you ace your job interviews.

22. Travel is Life Changing

Traveling has this unique power of changing your life in different ways.

For starters, as you use your vacation days to go on a trip, you get to open yourself to new experiences and you extend your comfort zone at the same time.

Stepping outside your comfort zone cannot be stressed enough since this is an important tool that will make you grow as a person.

This breaks down barriers that hold you back. When you conquer these barriers or let them down by doing things that used to scare you or make you feel uncomfortable, you allow yourself to become someone with more experiences to share.

23. Travel Creates an Updated Version of Yourself

Travelling can change your personality through all above reasons.

This is something you will never realize you need until you actually give it a shot.

Traveling brings out an updated version of yourself, a version that is so much better than before.

Wrapping It Up

Travelling has become easier, simpler, and cheaper these days.

You deserve to take an adventure.

Don’t miss the chance. Plan your trip today. Do it not for anyone else, but for yourself.