14 Reasons to Travel to Thailand

You have finally made up your mind to go on that much-needed and much-deserved trip.

  • The next big question now is where do you go?
  • Which is the perfect place to visit for your getaway?

With hundreds of countries all over the world, there is one country that has been gathering the attention and interest of many travelers and that is none other than Thailand, the Land of Smiles.

But why Thailand, you ask?

Since it would be an understatement to say that Thailand is simply awesome, take a look at the top reasons to travel to Thailand for your next holiday.

1. – Cost of Travel is Perfect for All Budgets

Budget travelers cannot help but remove some countries from their travel bucket list because they just don’t have the money to spare.

However, you would never have this kind of problem if you travel to Thailand. A trip to this country is affordable with various forms of transportation.

Most budget-friendly airlines always have flights on sale with available direct flights to domestic and international airports in numerous cities all over the country.

You also don’t need to spend much on the local trains and buses with stations in the largest tourist attractions and rural cities alike.

2. – Interesting Culture and History Everywhere You Go

Despite all the modern changes made in most Thai cities, you will love how there are still some bits and pieces of the rich ancient culture of the country that were left behind.

For instance, there is Sukhothai that still serves as a home to most ancient ruins that date as far back as the year 1238 during the era of the Siamese Kingdom.

The country’s history is also present in different art forms such as Thai puppetry performances and Thai dancing.

3. – Something in Store for the Adventurous

With the unique terrain of Thailand, its visitors can surely satisfy their adventurous streak thanks to all the excursion opportunities available.

There are the elephant sanctuaries perfect for animal lovers. But if you want something more exciting, you can spend your day white water rafting through the rivers of the country.

Trekking trails are also abundant, as well as surfing waves and jungles with exhilarating ziplines and so much more.

4. – Friendly Thai People

Although all countries are known to have friendly locals who will welcome you with open arms, Thai people definitely makes you feel less intimidated right from the moment you arrive.

By tradition, Thai people are friendly or believed to be so at least. It could be attributed to Wai, their traditional greeting in the country where a person does a slight bow with the hands together like being in prayer.

It could also be because of the family-style way of eating of the locals and if you are lucky, you might even get invited to share and enjoy a sumptuous meal with them.

With mai pen rai or it’s okay or don’t worry about being the national motto, Thailand definitely exudes such a chilled and friendly vibe you will never be able to resist.

5. – Mouth-watering Local Cuisines

It doesn’t matter if your Thailand trip is only good for two days or two months because the food in the country is downright diverse and delicious that it would be a waste to eat just one dish two times.

You will discover that a change in location also means a change in cuisine and this is what makes Thai meals very interesting, especially if you will go shopping in the city and see many different areas.

6. – Weather Perfect for Exploration

There are three major seasons in Thailand and all of them are suitable for visitors to have a wonderful trip.

The dry season is the country’s busiest as this is when temperatures don’t go beyond 90°.

When the hot months kick in, visitors are crowded in the dreamy beaches dotting the expansive coast of Thailand.

Northern Thailand and Bangkok are the top destinations when the monsoon season arrives because this is the time when the islands are at risk of flooding.

While each season comes with its own set of ups and downs, visitors can expect warm weather to fully enjoy the bright sunshine throughout their stay.

7. – The Enticing Bustling Capital of Bangkok

As the capital of the country, Bangkok is no doubt one of the main reasons to travel to Thailand.

The city serves as the home of more than 8 million people with the majority composed of ex-pats.

It looks like if you visit the capital for some time, you will never find any reason to leave. In fact, Bangkok is usually the very first stop on the itinerary of any traveler before exploring Southeast Asia.

While the capital is not everyone’s cup of tea, if you get off the much-beaten path, you will be in awe of all the surprises it has in store.

From the temples to art galleries, museums, sky bars, and red-light districts, you will surely find something to suit your taste in the capital.

8. – The Abundant Wildlife

Wildlife never runs out in Thailand and you can find them in the mountainous terrain, national parks, and even the beaches.

Located in the heart of Thailand, Khao Yai National Park feature wild boars and tigers, and luck is with you if you see one or two elephants during your visit there.

The long stretch of beaches in south Thailand is flocked by monkeys, such as Koh Phi Phi’s Monkey Beach. Just don’t forget to be a responsible tourist and avoid feeding wildlife.

You also need to stay away from tourist attractions that abuse animals just to make a profit.

9. – An Opportunity for One of a Kind Backpacking Experience

Backpackers have been very busy for the past few years as proven by the exponential growth of the number of travelers to countries in Southeast Asia.

Thailand, in particular, has seen a significant increase in its international arrivals, most of whom only have a backpack.

These travelers on a budget usually travel with others they meet during the trip, making Thailand an ideal destination for them.

Almost all major Thai cities have cheap hostels so you wouldn’t have a hard time meeting other backpackers that can be with you as you explore the country.

10. – Inviting Beaches

Thailand is known for its remarkably impressive geography and all provinces all over the country have an exceptional geographical feature worthy of your time. Of course, the beaches of the country are its most impressive natural features and you can choose from more than 1,500 miles of coastline.

While most of these beaches are filled with tourists enjoying the sun, you can still find some secluded, stunning, and quiet stretches of sand such as Koh Kradan island’s Sunset Beach and Phuket’s Freedom Beach.

11. – Diving Like No Other

While you are busy exploring the beaches, grab this chance to see for yourself some of the world’s best sites for diving.

No matter what time of the year you visit, there will be plenty of prime spots under the sea waiting to be explored because areas such as Pattaya with its easy to spot sea turtles don’t really get affected by the monsoon season.

Other great diving spots in Thailand include Chumphon, Koh Chang, the Surin Islands, and Koh Tao.

12. – The Awe-Inspiring Temples

The Land of Smiles is dotted with more than 40,000 Buddhist temples so you will definitely find at least one that will catch your attention.

These structures date as far back as the various dynasties.

Each temple is a reflection of the construction and architectural style of the era when it was made.

Every province also has at least one of these grandiose wonders although the capital has the most abundant and unique ones you can ever find.

13. – An Exciting Nightlife

Night owls will never run short of options in Thailand once it gets dark.

This is because the country has all kinds of nightlife you can ever imagine.

Khao San Road is a favorite among backpackers where they get connected with other travelers while enjoying some drinks.

There are also numerous red-light districts for people who want something different, specifically in Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok, and more.

While these are the major draws that lure people who prefer a great night out, Thailand is also famous for its jazz and reggae bars as well as some of the world’s best LGBTQ-friendly nightlife, particularly in Bangkok.

14. – The Busy as a Bee Markets

The last, but definitely not the least reasons to travel to Thailand are none other than their markets that are nothing like others in the whole world.

Every market has its distinctive character from the items up for grabs to the shoppers they attract.

There are markets meant for street eats alone while others are filled with secondhand items and antiques.

Be ready to have a hard time making a choice once you find yourself in these attractions.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your Thailand trip right away!

Related questions:

Why is Thailand so cheap?

The salaries in Thailand are normally low (read really low) and since it’s mostly agricultural so food that is made out of ingredients that are grown in Thailand is often very cheap.

How safe is Thailand?

I would say Thailand is safe but just like many other countries you should always use your common sense to not go into areas that look “rough”.

Also, there is nothing wrong with drinking but a lot of problems magically find you when you’re really drunk. So, drink responsibly.